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THE SOULMATE PRINCIPLE is an ancient theory frequently used in most of L.J. Smith's trilogies and book series, including the Night World book series, The Secret Circle book series and The Vampire Diaries book series. It is the theory that two people who are true destined soulmates are connected by a 'silver cord', only visible to the destined soulmates themselves. Through the silver cord, the soulmates can feel what each other are feeling if the person concentrates. The strength of the connection varies. Some soulmates know instantly that something is amiss or that they are connected to the other person - by a simple touch, a spark of electricity that travels from one to the other, but for some Soulmates it takes years to figure it out. Exchanging blood is one way for a person to find out they are soulmates with someone else. Soulmates can enter each other's mind and see their memories, thoughts, and feelings. Thoughts and memories can be blocked, but it takes concentration. If the concentration lapse during the time that one person is in someone else's mind, the blocks will fall down to allow the other person to see everything. The whole Night World series is based on The Soulmate Principle but it is also used in The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle book series. This is the idea that for everyone in the world, there is ONE soulmate who is perfect for them. You don't have to look like your soulmate, act like them, be the same age as them; heck, you don't even have to like them at first, but from the moment you meet them, you know that you'll never be completely happy without them.

In the series, The Soulmate Principle exists between Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. It also exists between Damon Salvatore and Bonnie McCullough.


Have you ever met someone and felt a certain connection with them? After only meeting them for just 10 minutes, you seem like you have known them for years? This is very rare, many people can sit back and think that they have met someone who they found so fascinating. What people do not realize is that with every lifetime we acquire certain knowledge for our souls to become more positive through every lifetime taking out the negative. Our subconscious unleashes what we need to know in this lifetime. This is where our soul mates come in. When you hear the word soulmate, you think automatically "The one person for you." You are about to find out what soul mates really do, and what types of soul mates exist. There are three types of soul mates that we are connected with: companion soul mates, twin soul mates, and the ultimate soulmate connection, twin flame soul mates. Twin Flame soul mates are the type of soulmate connection that the Soulmate Principle stands for and are the ONLY type of soulmate connection that involves the 'silver cord' connection between two people. Each living creature in the entire universe has a soulmate, which means that there are pairs of people who are tailor-made to be together. Everyone experiences it differently, so the best way to describe it is a strong connection that feels almost like a gravitational pull. Some soul mates can sense when their other half is in danger or in pain, while others can communicate with each other telepathically. The easiest way to tell if two people are soul mates will be the presence of a translucent silver cord linking their bodies when they discover each other. Once soul mates discover each other, they will never be completely happy without the other by their side. No matter how much distance they put between each other, they will always end up back together again by fate. Soul mates could be best friends, perfect strangers, or even mortal enemies; the Soulmate Principle does not discriminate.

The soul mate is your one and only soul mate. You have spent many lifetimes together sharing and caring. You share a deep bond and attraction to one another. It feels like an electrical current between you. Your soul automatically recognizes that soul mate, and gives you a deep feeling inside. A soulmate is often said to be the other half of your soul. (Ever wonder why they said opposites attract?) Your soulmate and you might not be together every lifetime but you're still working on being together by evolving your souls in a similar and spiritual way. Stumbling upon a person quite by accident along the normal course of your day who completely transforms your world, broadens your horizon, or strikes very deeply at your core in a way most profound can ultimately change the very course of your existence. It can be tremendously exciting, when you stumble across this person, as well as very frightening. We are always in search of that individual who reflects the deepest and highest forms of our souls. When we finally meet them, it’s often because we stumbled upon them in the most unusual of circumstances, and when we least expect it. Perhaps you met this person through a relatively non-important task, like waiting for an appointment, sitting in a classroom, filling your gas tank, starting a new job, or picking up coffee. You might have a casual encounter with someone turn dramatically more meaningful with that glimpse of instantaneous and profound recognition. Your eyes might catch each other from across the space/time continuum and they seem to refuse to let you go, probing for a deepening recollection, wondering if in this big, wide and often lonely universe, they have finally found you. Are you are their other half, they seem to ask? They look deep within you and at last, maybe even for the very first time in your life, ever, you feel like your soul has been completely exposed, laid bare for the other person to examine fully, and you have no other recourse but to let them. They read you like no other, without judgement, without concern. In fact, it feels as if you’ve just been loved and tenderly caressed unconditionally by the Universe itself. If they discover you’ve encountered some hardship, even before you mention it, there’s a softening and an instant understanding and healing that seems to happen.

Suddenly, you feel that the most innocuous of conversations with this person will have a deeply intimate and most exacting impact upon your life. However there is absolutely no realistic justification for this feeling. Perhaps they brush your hand with theirs, or you shook hands and one of you held on for a moment longer than necessary. Or you bump into one another, and felt that sense of electricity, as if a drawing current is leaping between the two of you. Perhaps his presence startled you. Perhaps the way she looked at you made you feel as if you’ve never truly been loved before that moment. In fact it may be the first few conversations you have have end up disheartening, or even uncomfortable, because it doesn’t match the electricity in the air between you. It may even feel that conversation seems unnecessary because the underlying connection is so strong. The conversations feel rushed, or stilted, or disconnected with the “connection” you truly felt. You each feel uncomfortable with the physical elements or how a typical relationship ought to progress. This is in fact a relationship you’ve shared with each other for eons. You just want to pick up where you left off. Take her in your arms and never let her go. Or you suddenly want to take him to the heights of his potential, and show him what he is truly capable of. All of this happens in less than a split second. Now, that momentary sensation you felt won’t just dissipate and leave you satisfied. In fact, it won’t leave you at all. Not for days, not for weeks, sometimes not for years. You keep finding yourself drifting back to thinking about that day, that moment, and often in the most unusual times. Something will trigger a memory, and you start to think about his hands, or her hair, his voice, her mysterious presence. That is the singular experience where you believe you met -not your soul mate…but your twin soul. If either twin has had relationship or trust issues, those issues don’t seem to manifest with their twin. If anything, they find a confidant. If either twin feels the other becomes uncomfortable about the progression, they instantly back off, for the other’s comfort is their priority. It takes a bit of time if both aren’t at the same spiritual level before the relationship manifests, but manifests it does. It’s not just intense sexual tension, it’s not a desire to possess the other, it’s something that goes so much deeper.

You want to show her how deep love can take you both. You want to show him how fast and far a clear intention can take him. You want to know what makes her tick. You want to learn everything about him. Hopes, fears, history, dreams. You want to dig in deep – deeper into each other than you ever have with any other. Because it feels like its been so long since you’ve last spoke, since you’ve last touched. and you crave that connection with every single fiber of your being. But you’ve been so dissatisfied with the verbal conversations. It’s been so confusing between the connection you feel, and the words you speak to one another. And it seems as if the physical world is getting in the way of your ability to reunite. Its a connection you’ve shared forever. Ever since the eternal you came into physical being. You have always fed off one another. You’ve never been able to feel complete without the other. The twin flame experience happens only once for a person each lifetime. Most of the time, we mistake our soulmates for our twins. But twins is a very different feeling from a soul mate. With a twin flame, it usually feels like the missing piece of you that you’ve spent lifetimes searching for. As if you know you’ve been family before. Brother, sister, mother, father, teacher, mentor, lover, yes lovers a thousand times. As soon as you connect with this person – you recognize it instantly. You’ve seen those eyes shine a million times before. It’s undeniable the familiarity the comfort with which you have with one another – at least energetically. Physically, it might feel very intimidating, or downright confusing. His energy impacts you in a way that is so overwhelming and empowering, so uplifting, so motivating, you believe that it can transform you. He touches you once and you are singed for hours, even days later. Your energy revitalized. You want to know everything about her. You want to know why it took so long to find her, where she’s been, what happened to her. You suddenly are dissatisfied with your life in a way you can’t fully comprehend. An insatiable hunger has been awakened in you. You eat, but can’t taste, you drink but aren’t satiated. Sex feels empty. Conversations seem hollow. You are starving in fact for a deeper realization of what all this twin soul stuff means. You want her to explain it to you. To “fess up”, so you can finally just realize you aren’t alone in feeling confused and burdened like this. You instinctively know you are supposed to be on the same path together, not just in the sense to shed karmic debt or to enter into a contract that binds one another – for you are both so far beyond and far evolved past such pithy physical games. Your evolving relationship with one another is completely open and experiential. It transcends physical, the mundane, and reaches far up into a higher state of being and living for one another. You crave her. You can’t get enough of him. It feels as if you are here together for common purpose, for shared intentional co-creation. To elevate one another and to ultimately merge together – into one as you transcend physical into the eternal mists.

Soul Mates Edit

In the beginning there was energy. All energy, of course, has potential. The energy began to reach out, to see what more it could become. The energy began to rotate a sparkling, swirling spiral of dancing energy. One half pursued the other, trying to touch what it did not have. One half is known as the Lord, the other is the Lady. One was strong in body, the other strong in mind. One was beautiful in body, the other beautiful in soul. Of course, this was the other’s view. They are both. They become each other’s compliment, each other’s soul mate, becoming whole in their love. And when they fell in love with each other, they consummated it by making love. This made swirls in the spiral dance of energy like ripples in a pond. These became the suns, the stars, the moons, and the planets. The Goddess grew pregnant with love, with energy, energy created by the force of their love. She gave birth, raining bright spirit down upon the worlds. Some took the form of the Lord, some took the form of the Lady, When they came of age, and they began to search for their counterpart, their soul mate, regardless of the sex they'd been born in. Then more life was created. So came the universe and so came forth life, out of love. 
- From the Jedi-Wiccan Book of Shadows

At one time or another we all have a dream of finding the perfect mate, the perfect person to match us, to spend our lives with. Its not an impossible dream. The other half, our soul mate, is out there somewhere. When spirits were sent from the Source, The One, they were neither one sex or the other, they were both. Over time, they divided and chose to become one or the other, to experience emotions etc. Each time they are reborn, they are one or the either, not always the same one, but there is an emptiness that cannot be filled, a longing for something intangible, a feeling of never being satisfied, a searching for something that you can't quite name. You are feeling the loss of the other half of your spirit. You are feeling the pull towards it, wherever it may be, to make you complete, whole again. How do I know if the one I love is my soul mate, you might ask? There are many different types of love, but the feeling that you get when you are finally joined with your soul mate has no comparison. It is a feeling that you have come home, finally. It is a feeling that you are one spirit in two bodies, thoughts of one are thoughts of the other. There is a feeling of only being half there when you are apart. 
Your soul mate is your other half. The part of your spirit that went off to experience things eons ago. And you are theirs. Together you are one. There is no feeling like it on this earth. Sometimes you will not find your soul mate, but this doesn't mean that you can't have a loving relationship with someone else. As I mentioned previously, your soul mate might not be incarnated this time around, but this doesn't mean that you cannot love another. It will simply be different. It will not be the oceans roaring, volcanoes erupting type of thing, it will be more like a gentle breeze that is soothing and comfortable, but longlasting nonetheless. And there will maybe come a time when you are in this type of relationship and you meet up with your soul mate. 
What do you do? This is something that only you can decide. There will be a pulling to the soul mate that you'll find it very hard to deny. Ultimately the choice will be yours. You will have to decide whether you want to leave a partner who you may have been with for years, happily.

You will have to examine the impact that your choice will have upon those other loved ones around you, also, your friends, your family. It is a hard choice to make. Remember, whatever you decide to do, that you will always find your soul mate, over and over again. You will be drawn, one to the other, lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime. The one you are with now may only be there, this one time around. Soul mates are spiritual partners whose love is tied to a universal response or pure form of love. The very core of your soul carries with it the memory of all soul mate encounters since the time that you first descended upon the Earth plane. Most of you understand the soul mate relationship to be the highest potential of an intimate loving relationship. Such a relationship is possible only to the extent the lovers are expressing their highest potential as individuals. The souls have reached a level of balance that allows them to experience the splendor that has been promised since creation. A soul mate relationship is the expression of your innermost dream of intimate love and union with another. In the depth of your conciousness, you and your soul mate have already joined forces. If this is an incarnation where you will be together in body and spirit, you and your soul mate are most likely on the causal plane (the upper area of the mental plane where the soul designs the blueprints for current or future incarnations). Even if your primary soul mate is not on the planet, this soul serves as a guide in your life, so you are never alone. The major purpose of the soul mate connection is to help each other ascend, whether or not both of you are in body in any given lifetime. God does not look at soul mates as seperate entities.


The twin soul/twin flame is a split energetic form that separates into yin and yang versions of itself. That yin/yang version spends many lifetimes looking for and discovering aspects of itself through connections with countless soulmates. Soulmates are soul contracts we enter into prior to incarnation – they are often people who have lessons to teach us, often painful lessons, along with karmic debt we must repay. When that debt has been repaid – the relationship and contract comes to an end. At that time so do our relationships. And it is time for the next one to unfold. Often you meet your twin flame just as you are about to end a soul contract with another. In fact, it almost always happens at about that time. And for a time, you’ll find yourself struggling for awhile between upholding a dead contract and evolving yourself to embody the twin flame that is asking for you to journey with them. Your twin flame – your twin soul – this is the heart that beats as one that has been split in two. These twins match each other in energetic resonance, match each other’s ambition, motivation, drive and recognize each other in a split second, even if they can’t name what they recognize about the other. Their energy diminishes when not together, and when together they expand and energize not just the room but their entire corner of the universe. They heal each other, they evolve one another, they take each other’s lessons as their own. They are dynamic. They recognize their one-ness.  They feed off one another and nourish one another.

The twin flame doesn’t fear the other in an energetic sense. There is an instant recognition of familiarity and mutual trust. There is no sense of jealousy or hate, nor fear with this person. It’s an innate and instant feeling of “at last I’ve found you”. As if you will ever be watched over and looked after now that you’ve found the other. Even if you are not together as you wish you could be, you are happy for the now, just to be connected and reunited again, and often very impatient to transform the world so you can be together. Often times you are split up throughout the course of your life and you find your resolve to reconnect is tested again and again. But you will eventually find the step that is in tune with the other. The twin flame – twin soul isn’t just a sexual or romantic entanglement like so many people will have you believe. It goes much deeper than that. Every minute spent with that person is a minute where you learn more about yourself. Time stops when you are with them. You don’t have to speak to be together. You simply talk without verbal language. In fact everything stops when you set eyes upon each other, until you decide to resume the physical world again. Your limits, your strengths, your weaknesses are perfectly reflected in that other person. That person reflects everything that the universe believes of you –  to you. They only ask you questions in an attempt to embolden you, to teach you, to mentor you to guide you or to seek your wisdom and strength. You may find they’ve suffered from a mysterious back pain from the day you had a serious accident. You may discover she’s had a mysterious allergy and find you have had a weakness or intolerance to a food. You find yourself ill when she’s ill, tired when he’s tired.

You are strong where she is weak. You are limited where she seems boundless. You see in her the pure unconditional love that reaches for you daily, that spurs you on to grow, to challenge yourself, to deepen yourself, to better yourself, and you have this unfettered desire to help her better herself, to challenge her, to reach for her, to help her grow. This is true love. Not the paradigm of love we have longed believed in. This love is eternal, Unconditional. All encompassing.  Not raging, not consuming, not filled with a passion that quickly turns to anger or fear. It is a pure love that only hopes and wishes for the best for the other in all they do. With you, or without you. Because once the connection has been made between twin flames, nothing can sever it. Remember, the twin flame relationship doesn’t have anything to do with male/female traditional relationships. Your twin flame can choose to incarnate in any sexual entity she or he wishes. That’s part of the openness about twin flames. You accept each other for the pure and perfect being you see in the other.

Twin Flames are two parts of one whole. They are each other’s opposites (Yin and Yang) and each other’s most perfect self. You could call it a sacred contract or sacred marriage. Twin Flames experience a sense of perfect unity. They are one. The connection is very intense. Real Twins feel attracted to each other on every level. The mutual attraction is and will always be extremely strong. Twin Flames are destined for each other. “When love is real, it finds a way” ~ Avatar Roku. The Twin Flame connection is very strong in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. After meeting your Twin Flame - your Other Half, your True Beloved, your Divine Counterpart - your life changes forever. He or she is the only True Love in your life. It never was and never will be the same with anyone else. By now we know that the reunion is accompanied by a process of transformation: a lot of attracting and repelling, letting go of many old fears, old patterns, old beliefs and expectations, and learning to love unconditionally. When Twin Flames incarnate together, the merge often is chaotic. It may involve stress, physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually. But Twin Flames meet as two mirrors, each showing the other his or her imperfections and thus helping them overcome all obstacles. Obstacles that usually have their origin in social conditioning, religion or personality. Twin Flame connections are characterised by extreme highs and lows, by passion and pain, but in their many attempts to harmonise and balance they know just what buttons to push. When there is no longer any fear and both Twin Flames are connected to their Higher Selves, love will draw them towards each other like magnets. However, when the slightest bit of fear returns they will feel more and more estranged from the love they felt (repelling effect and flight). True love doesn’t just happen, it has a lot to overcome. The most difficult phase is the one here, which actually makes a lot of sense. But you are your own co-creator. So it is up to you to co-create, to learn to see the bigger picture and trust your sacred heart. So tune in on your higher purpose because that is the only way to drift along effortlessly. Twin Flames can take a huge leap on their spiritual journey in a short period of time. Many things will become clear and deep insights will surface, creating a state of clarity.


No matter how brief or how seemingly meaningless an encounter with another person, you must realize, there is no such thing as coincidence. Often this experience will unfold opportunities, explorations, and self-introspection. If you don’t just shuck it away or file it as some blip on the screen and start to discover there really is something there, you may also find yourself awakening to a new level of meaning and synchronicity. Here are some signs that you may have just experienced a meeting with your twin flame or twin soul. This checklist is by no way all-inclusive, but it will help you identify experiences you may want to investigate into with the other person at a more meaningful level. Often, when one meets their Soulmate for the first time, there are certain symptoms and signs of a soulmate meeting or encounter. The following are signs or symptoms of true soul mates or of The Soulmate Principle:

  • Chances are you’ve met through a set of unusual circumstances… totally unplanned and unexpected
  • There is an instantaneous feeling that you've known the other before
  • You felt an immediate and deep connection for one another
  • You share similar values, beliefs, outlooks and tastes
  • There is an electrifying feeling between the two of you that words cannot describe
  • The relationship is immediate… as though no time had been lost since you were last together
  • It feels as though you had never lived before the reunion occurred
  • You feel a deep sense of unity that you’ve have never known before It brings on feelings you never thought possible
  • The two of you are inseparable
  • When you look into each other’s eyes time and space have no meaning
  • There are no barriers between the two of you… the relationship is a totally open one
  • Your conversations seem to go on forever
  • The two of you have a strong urge to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way
  • You give to the other and never think of receiving in return
  • There is a special sacredness to your relationship that transcends anything you’ve ever experienced before
  • You still have karma with your twin or Soulmate (from previous lives) but the two of you resolve it all with total forgiveness and unconditional love
  • Neither one of you are dependent on the other for your sense of self
  • There is a real feeling of un-limitedness to your feelings… you have a strong sense of eternity
  • Your feelings for each other are very spiritual
  • There are no restrictions within the relationship… all is freedom without the need for ownership or control
  • The two of you know without doubt that you have been brought together for a reason
  • You do not compete with one another nor do you pretend to be other than who you are
  • In spite of your sameness there is no doubt you feel a sense of completion through the other
  • Trust, patience, acceptance of each other’s weaknesses happen automatically
  • There is a great sense of purpose and meaning to the relationship
  • Your sexuality with one another is a sacred act that celebrates the unconditional love you have for one another
  • When you look into the other’s eyes you see yourself
  • You experience a sense of completeness that is without comparison.
  • You know a person is your soulmate if you feel instantly comfortable with them.
  • You know when a certain person is your Soulmate because when you first see each other you feel as if you've been struck by a live wire. You can look into that person's eyes and see familiarity in them. You can also communicate without words, and by action alone.
  • It's a feeling you get when you're around them. Just looking into their eyes will send a jolt through you of realization. Physical contact makes a peculiar feeling, like a lightning bolt, course through you. And you know they are who you'll spend the rest of your life with. It feels like you are one soul.
  • In a conversation, realizing that the conversation flows as if the two people knew each other long ago.
  • When preparing to sleep, you get the sense the presence of the person.
  • Coincidence of situations in life.
  • Feelings of being at home, "coming home" and in peace next to the person.
  • It is not a passion, with anxieties, fears and expectations common to passion.
  • There is the certainty of the eternal.
  • Every soul mate is announced in dreams.
  • There is a charm in the eyes, even if the person is not pretty.
  • Attraction by enigmatic person.
  • Feel the clear presence even when apart.
  • Dreams are often the person with actual impressions
  • One gets the feeling that the search ended with a feeling of happiness.
  • Generally, only appears in a more mature phase of life;
  • Feeling of being part of a whole.
  • If you have children, they are beautiful, intelligent and healthy.
  • Avoid sexual exaggeration, but feel the desire.
  • Feeling of fullness and optimism.
  • They are mentally and spiritually attuned, capture situations of each other, even from a distance.
  • Feeling of having lived the same experiences and the desire to share all good or bad with the person.
  • There is tenderness in the words, voice and gesture.
  • An overwhelming sense of love, affection and attraction that compels you beyond reason or sense.
  • A sense of completion that goes beyond words, it’s impossible to explain why or how you feel so whole once you’ve met this person.
  • A sense of honor, or integrity, or desire to share – but a reticence to burden or pressure the other with your experiences.
  • A magnetism to the other stronger than anything you have ever experienced. In fact you feel it for this person long after he or she leaves your space.
  • You find that your skills and knowledge perfectly complement one another.
  • The ability to literally feel one another whether you are with them physically or not. You’ve had that feeling from the moment you’ve met, and maybe you made a psychic connection even before you met physically.
  • A feeling you have to be in a certain place at a certain time, with no other reason, only to find that person in these places and times.
  • A feeling that you are so close you just might feel related – like a brother or a sister, but deeper than that level of relationship.
  • A feeling you intimately know every detail about this person but you want to hear all about them.
  • You love listening to each other’s stories.
  • You want to find out everything you can about the other.
  • You read between the lines and try to discover what they really mean or what they really desire and if you can fill that space for them.
  • A beginning of a breakdown of your lives as you knew them upon finding one another.
  • The power to touch the other and affect a response at any time without physical contact from any distance.
  • Over the course of your life you may have dreams of a “mystery man/woman.” When you meet them, it’s not necessarily a physical similarity, although many report that, it’s the eyes, and the smile, or maybe the overall presence of that person that feels exactly like that person you dreamed about.
  • Synchronicity will be abundant. You may find yourselves calling, emailing and texting one another at the exact same time. You may also find yourselves buying each other gifts at the same time or thinking about one another at the exact same time.
  • You may feel your heart wanting to jump out of your chest at the sound of his or her voice, or the mention of his or her name or casual thought of his or her essence.
  • The ability to feel each other’s emotions, whether they be happy or sad ones, from any distances.
  • The ability to contact one another through meditation and share the same experiences together.
  • An intense desire to ultimately be together no matter the obstacles blocking your way.
  • The ability to dream of your partner in their current state and verify the accuracy of that dream, later.
  • You may notice the ability to collapse time as you knew it. Upon your coming together, time and space both will cease to exist.
  • When you and your partner are out and about, you may notice the eyes of everyone are upon you. Your deep connection for one another will shine so greatly, that it is not uncommon for the eyes of everyone to be upon the two of you.
  • You may find yourselves completing each others sentences, sometimes even before you have the chance to begin them.
  • You are stunned, sometimes blown away by their sheer presence that seems to constantly surround you.
  • You never feel possessed, merely comforted by their presence. You feel instantly reassured that everything is right with the world as long as you can sense them.
  • Upon connecting with your Soulmate, you may find that you are practically mirror images of one another and that you may want to even run from your partner because of the things you see from the reflection of his/her eyes. You may push your Soulmate away for a time, while you work to get comfortable with the experiences and feelings you feel near them.
  • Sometimes you feel unable to communicate verbally, because you feel the relationship is so far along energetically. There is a gap between the energetic and the physical relationship.
  • If you currently live apart, (even at great distances) you may notice the power to be intimate without ever physically touching the other or being on the phone together, and verify the experience later.
  • You may notice that any of your bad habits, (i.e. smoking, drinking, or whatever they be), will deeply and adversely affect you. Even in your diet, food that you used to be able to eat, will have to be set aside. Sometimes you can’t eat, drink, or do what you used to do to bring yourself pleasure.
  • A realization that this isn’t the first time the two of you have met… Past life experiences and memories start to flood you. You have dreams and experiences or flashbacks to lives or experiences filled with this person. Maybe you make the mistake of calling them by a name you once knew them by or they do that to you.
  • If the both of you have similar interests, you may discover that you have been drawn to the same tastes or have been expressing similar frustrations long before your Twin Flame reunification. Sometimes you don’t realize you have the same interests until one of you introduces the other to a new interest or hobby.
  • You’ll either have similar body challenges or reflective ones. You might be able to feel when the other is weakened, or ill, or hurting. It may also affect you physically.
  • You find that your Soulmate is the only one to alleviate you completely of your suffering, your pain, or heal your emotional or spiritual ails fully.
  • The individual soul mates become more as one, without losing their unique identities.
  • There may be obstacles to overcome to be together, but there are no barriers between twin flames. The relationship is a totally open one, and evolves naturally and often rapidly.
  • You almost always meet through unusual circumstances or situations that were totally unplanned and unexpected.
  • The two of you know without doubt that you have been brought together for some deeper purpose.
  • It feels as though you have been awakened since your reunion occurred. You feel more alive than you’ve ever felt.
  • You give to the other in ways to bring them joy, relief or nurture them and never think of receiving in return. Giving is the nature of the twin flame relationship and you feel the rewards in your giving.
  • You receive gifts from the other and never think it inappropriate or uncomfortable. In fact, the gift is often something you have been lacking, in great need of or desiring for some time but never voiced it before.
  • There is a strong sense you will be together for all eternity… even when you pass on in this life.
  • The relationship is immediate, as though no time had been lost since you were last together.
  • There is a very sacred sense of intimacy and feeling of divinely inspired wholeness that one finds within a twin soul relationship. It is not by accident nor is it without purpose.
  • You may still have karma with your Soulmate from previous lives, but the two of you resolve it with total forgiveness and unconditional love.
  • Your conversations seem to go on forever. There is nothing you won’t discuss with your Soulmate.
  • Your Soulmate seeks your guidance and advice, and likewise before they go anywhere else.
  • There is no need to build walls or barriers between one another from pain or fear the other causes. Your Soulmate will treat you as someone sacred.
  • However, if one half of the Soulmate is not ready to access the relationship, or has been traumatized in some way, the other half senses that and may either demonstrate an unusual sense of sensitivity or protectiveness over that person.
  • The two of you are inseparable. No matter if there are distances between you physically there is no distance energetically for the twin souls.
  • Even if you don’t speak for weeks or months, even years, there’s always an inevitable drawing that eventually brings you back in touch with your Soulmate. Synchronicity often brings the two back together.
  • Neither one of you are dependent on the other for your sense of self. You know who you are with or without your Soulmate in the physical.
  • Your sexuality with one another is a sacred act that celebrates the unconditional love you have for one another. You feel a deep spiritual oneness with all that is.
  • Trust, patience and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses happen automatically. *You will never intentionally use that weakness against your Soulmate in anger or hurt.
  • There is a special sacredness to your relationship that transcends anything you’ve ever experienced before. You feel a deep sense of sacredness and unity that you’ve have never known before.
  • There are no restrictions within the relationship. All is freedom without the need for ownership or control.
  • You will feel inspired to create and your twin flame inspires your creativity.
  • You do not compete with one another nor do you pretend to be other than who you are. You love each other for their individuality and uniqueness. You understand that some things are better left to your twin’s strengths rather than competing
  • You recognize there is a deeper spirituality that you manifest and find that you’ve become reconnected to the higher self. You will gain knowledge of what your soul’s higher purpose is and will serve for that purpose.
  • In spite of your similarities as well as your differences, there is no doubt you feel a sense of completion through the other.
  • You will recognize you two are truly meant for one another. You will know you are one with everything in the universe and beyond.
  • You had dreams or visions of this person and/or your energetic relationship before ever meeting in this lifetime.
  • Meeting your partner felt like “coming home” to a familiar, long-lost energy. After meeting, you had “memories” of other times and places with that person that are not part of this life experience so far.
  • Your partner mirrors your own issues, concerns, and imbalances, but you also complement each other’s skill sets, talents, and capacities. You are the ultimate embodiment of yin/yang.
  • At least one partner is of higher frequency, possibly a First Waver, Indigo, and/or Crystal, or is genetically related to one.
  • You may be of different ages, the same or opposite sex, vastly different backgrounds, “opposing” religions or cultures, but you feel an incredible unity or incomparable sense of oneness with your partner.
  • You feel each other’s symptoms, illnesses, and emotions even when you are not near each other or in communication.
  • Your functioning is impaired or much less optimal when you are apart from your twin flame. It physically and mentally hurts when you are not together.
  • When you are with your partner and the relationship is in balance, you become stronger, more powerful, and more capable than you have ever felt. You feel united in a mission or “calling” to serve others and the world.
  • Your unconditional love for your partner is like no other. Your partner is likely to have a certain habit, quality, or “baggage” that would be a deal-breaker for you in any other relationship. However, you overlook it or willingly work through it with this partner-- no matter what it takes.
  • You met your partner when one or both of you were in other relationships or otherwise “unavailable.” It’s likely that you met when and where you were least consciously expecting it.
  • Either you or your partner feared the power of the twin flame connection and ran from the relationship so as not to feel overwhelmed and/or vulnerable. Years may go by before you are both in the “place” to finally commit fully to the relationship.
  • The partner who ran from the twin flame relationship finally “wakes up” and realizes the significance. His or her “a-ha” moment comes as the result of a loss, illness, or other personal catastrophe. He or she then comes to terms with the fact that there is no other person or priority more important than the twin partner.
  • No matter how many times you break up or separate, forces seems to bring you back together. You see the “signs” and reminders of that twin connection everywhere, urging you back together.
  • Your relationship is characterized by extreme highs and lows, including passion and intense pain you’ve most likely never felt before.
  • In efforts to harmonize, justify karma, and balance each other, you “push each other’s buttons” and test each other’s limits like no one else has or ever will. Nevertheless, the extreme highs in the relationship consistently get higher.
  • Friends, family members, and others in your circle can’t relate to the twin flame dramas and always try to get you to move on to someone or something else that seems more logical or better for you “on paper.”
  • The growth you experience, the lessons you learn, and the person you become in the twin flame relationship are more significant, happen more rapidly, and are more powerful than any other experience or period of growth in your life.
  • You realize that your previous soul mates or other relationships prepared you for the twin flame reunion. Your twin flame may even have or embody a number of the unusual characteristics or outstanding attributes of your previous mates and soul friends.
  • You feel as if you’ve been waiting your whole life for this person. When you look back at your life, you see illnesses, sabotaged relationships, or other situations that manifested because you were still waiting and still looking for “the one.”
  • Even if you are extremely tired of 3 dimensional existence here on earth, you heal, evolve, mature, and continue to live-- just to stay with your twin flame partner.
  • You are an “old soul” and this is your last human experience.
  • The more that you and your twin partner spend time together, the more rapidly and completely you awaken to higher consciousness.
  • You have a deep knowing that your twin partner is your destiny-- not just in this lifetime, but also when you ascend, return “home,” and are reunited for eternity.

Other Symptoms of The Soulmate EncounterEdit

  • Overwhelming Love and Attraction: A deep and very overwhelming sense of love and attraction is felt. You just cannot resist your Soulmate They attract you like a magnet. The love felt is so deep that you might have never even known you could possibly love someone so much.
  • Sense Of Completion: You feel a sense of ‘being complete’. This is not something that can be described in words. You just feel like you’ve found something that was always missing but you might have not realized what. It feels like there is nothing else in the world that you require apart from being with your Soulmate.
  • A Deep Connection: You feel like your hearts are literally connected with each other always (because they really are!). You can actually ‘feel’ your soul mates' touch from miles away and ‘hear’ their voice even when they aren’t really talking. You can read each other’s mind and complete each other’s sentences (even before they begin). You know what your Soulmate will say or do in a specific situation and can predict their behavior. You feel like you’ve known him/her forever even if you’ve just met a few weeks or months back. You can totally confide in your Soulmate and share anything and everything.
  • You Compliment Each Other Perfectly: Your talents are complimentary. If you’re good at speaking for example, your Soulmate will be good at writing or listening. The lessons that you’ve learnt and your experiences and the knowledge that you have is also complimentary. Your basic nature will also be similar yet complimentary (for example, If you’re sort of emotional, your Soulmate might be very practical).
  • Synchronicity: Your actions and words seem sort of ‘synchronized’. Both of you might say the same thing at the same time often. You might both send a message or call each other at the same exact moment.
  • Major Changes In Life: Soul mates deeply affect your life in a positive way. You’ll find that there have been major changes in you or in your life since you’ve met your Soul mate. Your nature might change so much that you actually feel like a different person. Soul mates bring out the real self in us. They make you more of your actual self. Harmful habits (like smoking or drinking or gambling or anything else that is harmful for you in any way) might disappear completely. Your life in general becomes much better than ever before.
  • Similar Tastes and Choices: Your taste in things like Food, Fashion or Decor, Music and Art might be very similar.
  • Serendipity: There will be little things that will make you feel like ‘It's just meant to be’. The entire universe will seem to be giving you signals and trying to bring the two of you together (That’s because it actually is…). Occurrences and events that might not seem to make much sense to your logical mind will seem to ‘feel’ like they’re telling you something.
  • Strong Sense of Sacredness: Your Love for your Soulmate feels truly divine and sacred. Like a devotee’s love for God. The intimacy also feels sacred in a way that you might have never thought could be possible. Sacredness is felt in every moment that you’re with your Soulmate, no matter what you’re doing.
  • A Feeling of Eternal Togetherness: You just know deep inside that the two of you will be together even after you’ve passed in this life.
  • Time Loses Meaning: There is no sense of time when you’re together. It becomes non-existent. You can go on and on and on for hours when you’re talking. You might find yourself being together for hours and it feels like a few minutes. Time passes very quickly when you’re with your Soulmate.
  • Life Becomes Meaningful: When you meet your Soulmate, you get a very strong feeling that ‘This is IT’. You feel that this is all that you need and this is what you have always been looking for. Your Soulmate makes you glad to be alive, brings a new meaning and joy to life, something that's really worth living for!
  • Instant Recognition: You meet eyes with your twin flame for the first time and feel that you recognize them in a deep way despite never having seen them before. Even their voice or laugh may sound familiar.
  • Love at First Sight: After meeting and perhaps from the outset you both feel a very powerful and strong bond that you have never felt before with anyone. This can be physical but also goes beyond that, a love to the very core of the other.
  • Unusual Meeting: Twin flames tend to report that they met under strange and unusual circumstances or coincidences, perhaps both doing something you would not normally do.
  • Separated Yet Together: Once together, the two of you become inseparable and when you are separated for any extended amount of time, you both feel lonely and empty, yet in another way you feel some kind of cord linking you telepathically or at least empathetically (where you are in tune with each other’s emotions.)
  • I Know What You Are Thinking!: Twin flames will frequently find that they know what the other is thinking, even sometimes when far apart from each other. A look between you can communicate so much even though you don’t really know how it works.
  • Spiritual Awakening: This one of the more common twin flame signs. You begin to notice new things about yourself and the world around you, and think about life in a new more positive way.
  • A Divine Purpose?: Often twin souls find that together they have a strong desire to go and help other people in a meaningful way, usually as a team.
  • You Can Say Anything To Each Other: Similar to soul mates, another of the twin flame signs is that you will find you can talk together for hours and houses, but particularly with twin flames there are no communication barriers between you and the relationship feels totally upfront and open. You feel as if the level of friendship and intimacy is unlike anything you have ever experienced.
  • Sexuality – Ooh That’s Hot!: Not only is your sex good and passionate (as it would hopefully be with a soulmate) but also you feel that having sex with each other is a sacred, almost religious act that expresses the amazing love you feel for each other, in a way you never knew before.
  • Completeness (But Not A Clone!): Finally more than ever before in your life, you feel a sense of completeness that goes beyond what you ever thought possible. You grow closer and closer, becoming more and more like a whole, yet still keep your individual identities.
  • Upon the first meeting you instantly recognize them, feel like you have known them forever. This can happen with soul mates as well so it’s not necessarily just with the Twin Flame.
  • Your heartbeat quickens in their presence. Sometimes even your head will pound. At the same time there is an over-riding sense of peace and calm.
  • The usual time of getting to know each other doesn’t even seem necessary. The relationship gets accelerated so fast and it usually initiates with an intensity and an immediacy which is not necessarily physical. Because you feel like you have known them forever suddenly you are spending more time with this person than with any other person on the planet. You both sense this urgency to be together or to make connection.
  • You are forever seeing yourself in their eyes in a very real and all-encompassing way. The good, the bad, the ugly and the profoundly beautiful parts of yourself; the parts you usually blush about because you are afraid to say out loud “that’s one of my really good things”. This doesn’t happen in most relationships as it’s usually the day-to-day things but it’s like looking into this mirror through their eyes and into your own soul.
  • You will not have to dumb yourself down vibrationally to accommodate this person. You interact with other people who you can’t speak their language, they just don’t get it, you can hardly connect with them on a vibrational level at all so you dumb yourself down. You won’t have to do this with your Twin because you can say anything or be anything in their presence and they get it.
  • Very quickly you will begin to feel a very high energy, almost an orgasmic energy, between you. Sometimes this is felt in the lower centers and is taken for passion, a chemical reaction, which is very common, but where it lands is what makes the difference. You feel it in your heart. It’s like the whole explosion of energy as a release ends up coming to your heart instead of just to your loins. If you feel it in your loins, pay attention to this. Is it just that you want to have intercourse with them or do you want to be inside of them somehow or have them inside of you? Big trigger! It’s like how can I walk into this person, like intercourse wouldn’t be enough.
  • There’s rarely a desire to be apart. Now that doesn’t mean physically, you may have the opportunity to be with someone physically but it’s more like your attention is with them all day, like you are in their body suit, that you will feel them. They can be half way across the planet and there’s no desire for any kind of separation, it’s you connecting with you and so you are intuiting what they are experiencing. You feel when they are sad, you feel when they are happy, you feel when they are angry. So when it’s said that you rarely want to be apart that’s true. If you are together all the time, you very often have complimentary vocations, or avocations in which the work one of you is doing is multiplied by the other and vice versa but without any sense of competition. Nobody is trying to control anything.
  • There is NO co-dependence. Co-dependence is a big red flag. It’s a symbol of the illusory Twin, the False Twin. So pay attention there. If you go searching for someone and you are attracted to them for any number of reasons and all of a sudden that relationship becomes co-dependent, you can bet ego is smack in the middle of it. These are two sovereign beings with no need to own or control each other.
  • The telepathic connection is really strong. When you are in each others presence you literally start finishing each others sentences. Sometimes it’s just saying out loud what the other person was thinking. Now that can happen with soul mates too but it is really common with Twins and right from the beginning, not like living with each other for 30 years and you are doing it because you have been in each others presence for so long. So reading energy is common because we are all interconnected but when you start saying out loud what the other was just thinking very early in the relationship, that is a really big signal.
  • There’s a greater awareness to your joint purpose and it almost always involves some sort of service to humanity on a larger scale. The combination of your acquired talents to bring more light to the whole. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be like one person an actor and one person a writer, it could be that your acquired talents are energetic talents, like you really know how to hold a field together and you can just live or be together and create these massive fields of love for the planet and act as an anchor point. That might be the service, it doesn’t mean you have to be out front and center, teaching anything or being the guru. Your living it is the service.
  • It’s absolutely effortless to be in a constant state of giving love to this person with absolutely no thought of what‘s going to be returned. There is no question of “what’s in it for me” going through your mind. Because you are giving so much love, that energy grows exponentially and becomes so magnified between you that there is this constant flow of palpable energy between all of your chakras not just your hearts, all of your chakras. It’s this coming together and going apart and coming together and going apart. It’s like coming into union and stepping back and being a sovereign being. This happens whether you are physically together or apart, you feel it, it becomes like a rhythm for you. This is happening because as you give this love it’s like a self-regenerative energy that you subliminally agree to pass between you, it’s like you are feeding each other in a very unusual way but you are feeding each other this energy of love.
  • Also you are going to feel a deep sense of unity that you’ve never known before, like a single unit. It’s like you have locked bodies somehow and you are walking around and doing these amazing things without having to conform to each others personality.
  • You will very often, especially if you are doing any kind of energy work together, you are going to move out of time and space altogether a lot. Sometimes just instantly without even thinking about it. It has to do with being truly present in the moment, the now moment, with this beloved. Whole days can pass without even noticing any expenditure of energy that might otherwise be difficult in the tasks of your day. When you practice working in the heart field, you start assessing it so often, sometimes you will just slip into it without consciously creating it. That is always out of the time space continuum.
  • Absolutely anything that stands in the way of either of you opening yourself completely to true love is going to rise up to the surface and be right in your faces in an exaggerated and magnified manner. Any Karma that might stand between you from having bumped into each other or working with each other in other lifetimes is going to show up in a big hurry. Even though you may start with this passionate affair, suddenly all this stuff is going to come up and it’s coming up so you can dissolve and consume the illusions that are standing in the way of you actually holding only love at the nucleus of your relationship. When that happens, if you will both promise and commit to remain in the heart and choose love instead of judgment, all those limitations can be accepted and loved free very quickly. They come up not to be re-engaged in, they come up to be dissolved and consumed. If you make a list of every grievance you have with your beloved, and you brought it up without re-engaging in the whole history of everything that’s ever happened between you and then you burn that between you as a symbol and then use the Violet Consuming Flame. This is just a ritual and a powerful gift between you that allows you to break all those interior barriers to giving and receiving love. That takes a commitment, it takes building that muscle to do that.
  • If you are involved with a partner in a sexual relationship, there is going to be an inner, deeper, natural understanding of the sacred union between you. And you will so swiftly learn to control and utilize the sexual energy for higher purposes. Sacred Sexuality has been translated throughout the history of mankind to come through the Kama Sutra, which has in modern times been marketed as a tool to sustain an orgasm with another human being, just a physical sensation that you can sustain for hours if you want to. True Kama Sutra is exciting the electrons in the body and then raising that energy of orgasmic expression into every chakra. When you start experiencing sacred sexuality, that will not only happen, but then all of it will come back together in your heart in an explosion. You can’t even imagine how incredible that is because it’s so far from anything you have experienced for a physical orgasm in your lower chakras that nothing else will ever match up.


In the book series, the Soulmate Principle exists between Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. In the entire series, they are the only or sole pairing or couple where The Soulmate Principle exists. Stefan and Elena are connected, linked and bound together by a silver cord (which is described to be a silver, blue thin string or cord the colour of moonlight) binding their souls together for eternity. It is evident in the book Shadow Souls when Stefan is trapped in the Dark Dimension and Elena falls into a lucid dream dreaming about Stefan. This results in her spiritual 'higher self or being coming out of her body due to an out of body experience. Elena then sees the silver cord and uses this cord accordingly, which links her soul to Stefan's soul, to visit him in the prison in the Dark Dimension. Here is the quote from Shadow Souls of proof that Stefan and Elena are true soul mates: "The other destination, of course, was to Stefan..[....] But she'd (Elena) always heard that the souls of true lovers were connected a silver string from heart to heart or a red cord from pinky to pinky. To her delight, she found it almost immediately. A thin cord the color of moonlight, that seemed to be stretched taut between the sleeping Elena's heart, and...yes. When she touched the cord, it resonated so clearly to her of Stefan that she knew it would take her to him." (The Return: Shadow Souls, pg. 47)


  • Adam Conant and Cassie Blake (The Secret Circle)
  • Damon Salvatore and Bonnie McCullough (The Vampire Diaries)
  • James Rasmussen and Poppy North (Night World)
  • Ash Redfern and Mary-Lynette Carter (Night World)
  • Mark Carter and Jade Redfern (Night World)
  • Eric Ross and Thea Harman (Night World)
  • David Blackburn and Gillian Lennox (Night World)
  • John Quinn and Rashel Jordan (Night World)
  • Thierry Descoudres and Hannah Snow (Night World)
  • Morgead Blackthorne and Jezebel 'Jez' Redfern (Night World)
  • Delos Redfern and Maggie Neely (Night World)
  • Galen Drache and Raksha Keller (Night World)
  • Kierlan Drache, Sarah Strange and unknown male character (Night World)


  • "In the Night World there's this idea called the soulmate principle. It says that every person has one soulmate out there, just one and that person is perfect for you and is your destiny. The problem being that almost nobody ever finds their soulmate, just because of distance. So most people go through their whole lives feeling not complete." James, Secret Vampire, p.173
  • "With love you get to find out about a person first. Being soulmates is involuntary, you don't even have to like the person when you meet them. They may be completely wrong for you in every way; wrong species, wrong temperament,wrong age. But you know you'll never be completely happy again without them." - Rowan, Daughters Of Darkness, p126
  • "When you're soulmates, it hits you like lightning, and you know that's the one person in the world you were meant to be with. You don't think you're soulmates; you just know it's your destiny whether you like it or not." -Kestrel, Daughters Of Darkness, p113-114
  • "It's the idea that everyone has one and just one soulmate in the world, and if you find them, you recognize them immediately. And...well, that's that." - Quinn, The Chosen
  • "It is the Ancient Theory that somewhere out there there is a person that is right for you, perfect. Once you meet that person, and know that they are your soulmate, you can't love another. It is the strongest bond between any two people, so strong they can read each other's minds."
  • "And then, I believe, there is the relationship between two soul mates, two souls whose destiny is closely connected for all time. Some teachings say that these soulmates are two pieces of a whole separated at the beginning of physical creation; others say that twin souls are the male and female expressions of the same individuation of spiritual energy. My experience is that a true soul mate is a soul bound to yours by a profound and timeless level of love, trust, and devotion-- that its purpose is to help you complete your Journey, as you are to help it complete its Journey."
  • "In the presence of a true soul mate, you grow to feel completely loved, completely safe, completely known, and thus it is easy to remember your true nature as Love, and to make very rapid advancements on the path. It is as if your soul mate reflects back to you the very essence of your soul, and in remembering yourself, you are that much closer to attaining enlightenment."
  • "When you find your soulmate, you feel as if you have always been together, not just in this lifetime, but for all time, and that your reunion fills an intense, eternal longing that has been in your heart until the moment you found each other again, a longing no ordinary relationship can satisfy."
  • "Your relationship will still have its challenges, and of course, many lessons, but ultimately, they aren't the pre-dominant focus of your experience. For every moment that you spend with your soul mate, you are sure of one thing-- you have come Home."
  • "A flame of love that never burns out...throughout the centuries. That is your Twin Flame Soul Mate. Do you feel an ache in your heart for a shadowy face that you've only seen in dreams? Can you feel the presence of someone you've never laid eyes upon? A Twin Flame Soul Mate is the only one to which your hearts beat to the same rhythm. Your souls are connected through a thin silver magical cord of love and passion. You're on the same cosmic vibration and you were the same soul before birth! Fantastic intimacy, love, laughter and complete lifetime happiness with two flames that burn as one into infinity. You may never feel complete until this earthly connection is made. We have soul connections with many people and this is how we're able to have successful relationships and friendships with people other than our twin flame. However, we have only one twin flame soul mate. There is the one person who is perfect in every way for us. One person with whom we could have the perfect relationship. One person who shared the same soul before birth . . . Before it was torn in half to occupy two separate bodies. Your reading will give you accurate insight into all aspects of who that person truly is."
  • "The Twin Flame or Soul Mate connection is not something that you can break simply by walking away. The energy is there. Inside of you. Always. It exists at a level that cannot be touched or shifted by any octave, dimension, frequency or any individual beings within any of them. It doesn’t matter if there is a huge age differential between you, if one or both of you are already married or in a committed relationship or if you live on opposite sides of the planet. This is a bond that was made long before you ever incarnated into this particular life and eons before there was ever such a thing as humanity."
  • "True Twin Flame Reunion is a love that transcends time, over many lifetimes, through all the ages, even after the last breath is taken."
  • "There is a flame burning. It is the flame of love. God is that love and it is the love for the One True Beloved that God created you to be part of in the beginning. The highest state of human love is the unity of one soul in two bodies. Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. And when one meets with his other half, the actual perfect polarized half of himself, the pair are”lost” in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy.The soul connection is a compelling magnetized vibration of divine union."
  • "There is only one true Divine Counterpart. You have known each other from the beginning of Time. You know you are in completion. This is the true quest for Wholeness. You feel you know each other inside out and the discovery can go forever. You feel complete yet have some lessons together."
  • "We have many soul mates in life but only one soulmate or divine complement. There is only one that was created with you when time began. There's only one with the same blueprint, one with the same identity patterns, and with the same spark of life as you."
  • "It sometimes happens that a man and a woman meet and instantly recognize the other half of themselves behind the eyes of each other. The eyes have been rightly called "the windows of the soul." Even their voices are familiar to each other's ears, like a remembered chord of music. These are two who immediately sense the unalterable fact that they have been--are--and must always be One; even though they might have fought against their fate for centuries and struggled in vain to escape their linked destiny. Almost from the first moment they meet and gaze upon each other, their spirits rush together in joyful recognition, ignoring all convention and custom, all social rules of behaviour, driven by an inner knowing too overwhelming to be denied. Inexplicably, often without a word being spoken, they know that only through each other can they hope to find Wholeness--only when they're together can they both be Complete in every way. Somehow, they feel Immortal, and they are, for this level of love can bestow the beginning knowledge of the attainment of several-centuries longevity in the same flesh body on the Earth plane, as well as the accomplishment of changing flesh bodies (the temples of the soul) in a fully conscious state, without the "coma" called death. A man and a woman, who are twin flames hardly need to speak the words "I love you", knowing as surely as they do that they must belong to each other whether in this present incarnation (lifetime) or (due to karmic complication) at the end of many more centuries. The words in the marriage ceremony "those which God hath joined together, let no man asunder" refer to such as these. Yet this warning is unnecessary, simply symbolic ritual, for no man can break the tie between Twin Flames, not even themselves. Nor can any energy in the Universe. The Force that created them is all-powerful and indestructible. The bond may be weakened, their final union and consummation delayed, but they cannot be separated permanently. There can be no end to the kind of happiness they may claim, when they wish to do so, on a timetable dictated by the Free Will choice of the Higher Angels of their own selves. This kind of instant magnetic attraction is often called "love at first sight" which is no accident of fate, but very real. It's more than curious coincidence that Twin Flames, out of the whole huge world, should be drawn together at the appointed time. The crossing of their paths has been predestined on a Higher Level of Awareness. Certain spiritual energies are at work to bring about their meetings, as surely as the migration of birds and the return of comets are governed by a similar Universal Law. Their coming together is controlled by the workings of Karma, which is but the sum total of causes set into motion in the Past--and these determine infallibly the conditions of the Present, when the time comes for Twin Flames to incarnate, they are sent to Earth, clothed in flesh (the bodies being the Temples of the soul) through particular Time-Energy Forces, at the moment in Earth Time when certain planetary configurations create the proper conditions. These Time-Energy Forces are electromagnetic in nature, yet more complex than this. During the periods of Twin Flames being apart, however brief or however extended, both persons are lonely, empty, and incomplete, yet even throughout any such temporary spaces in their togetherness, there's a constant, pulsing astral communication between them--for even then, they are linked by a silver cord that connects them over the miles."
  • "The final division of the soul that took place eons and eons ago could be likened to the separating of a magnet into two separate pieces. Each piece would be predominately one polarity or the other but a residual amount of its opposite essence would always be present within itself. So it is with the divided twin (soul). The masculine half has always retained some of the original feminine energy that the soul first possessed while the feminine half still holds onto a part of the masculine essence it once was united with. Since that time we have roamed around in this incomplete state of being experiencing life after life and relationship after relationship until we decide we've had enough and want something more fulfilling. In order for that to happen each twin must first achieve a balance of masculine and feminine essence within themselves and bring that balanced energy to each other to complete the whole."
  • "When each of us separated into our male and female halves long ago, the soul knew (and still knows) that the rejoining of its incomplete self would inevitably take place... it was part of the divine plan. After that agonizing and painful division took place a deep seated yearning for oneness began to linger within each of us and the desire for reunion and completeness has endured over the ages. Only one other in all the universe can satisfy it. As a result, we are constantly searching for our twin. But the desire for completion doesn't stop there... and the soul also realizes this. What the soul really wants is not only reunion with itself but the original feeling of oneness it had with its Source in the very beginning. This craving for the "First Intimacy" will not stop until it is fully satisfied. We have as long as we want to make it happen... but it will happen."
  • "Out of the original unity of being there is a fragmentation and dispersal of beings, the last stage being the splitting of one soul into two. And consequently, love is the search by each half for the other half on earth or in heaven. As twin souls are so alike to begin with, it seems necessary for them to go their separate ways before they can complete each other. Identity and complementarity are the two driving forces and axes of love. For the complete being there must be a blending of the two."
  • "If two soul mates are to reunite and then have a meaningful partnership both have to be spiritually ready for it. At that point the Universe will create the special forces necessary to bring them together for another moment in time. However, the search for the other must always begin as a search within each of the soul mates themselves first before lasting reunion is possible. Each has to discover his or her own individual spiritual nature and potential and then do their best to live it on a daily basis."
  • "There are no dependencies in a twin soul relationship because the "sense of self" has been developed quite well within each of the partners. To reach that point, a certain degree of internal balance and happiness must first be nurtured and achieved. Then, during reunion, the essence of one simply flows into the essence of the other to create the completeness. There is no effort involved. It is also impossible for twin souls to remain separated on any kind of permanent basis. When in relationship, they will continue to have have conflicts. However, they will be driven to resolve these conflicts (and any past karma) as quickly as possible. Nothing is left unsaid. Nothing is left to chance. Assumptions never enter their minds. All is out in the open. Neither sits, pouts and wonders who will make the first move at "making up." There are no games. There is no pretending. There is no deception. There is no fear of reprisal because unconditional love is the foundation upon which their relationship has been built. In essence, they can just be themselves. And as each conflict resolves, the bond of love between them takes on renewed meaning and strength. What incredible freedom! Such is the nature of this very divine and profound union."
  • "Your soul is your life essence. It has a definite plan. But your soul didn’t start in your mother’s womb. It started a long, long time ago in the heart of God. Your soul’s life began many thousands of years ago, when God gave you a spark from his own heart. And you were not created alone. You were created with your twin flame, a very special soul with whom you share a unique mission."
  • ""And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight even for a moment." Plato 2,500 years ago... The moment your soul was created, it possessed male-female, ying-yang polarity and energy. God's love for you made sure that these two complimentary forms of consciousness, the masculine and feminine, would be bound together throughout eternity. The two halves of one soul have been called twin souls, twin vibrations, twin rays or twin flames. Said another way, you only have one twin aspect of your soul in the entire universe who vibrates at the same frequency of light that you do. This is quite an awesome thought. However, the story is a bit more involved than this simple explanation."
  • "Aeons ago when God created your individual Spirit, he formed an ovoid of light like a whirling t’ai chi, which then divided into two spheres. From these spheres, two souls descended into form. You are one of these souls and your twin flame is the other. The two of you share the same "blueprint" that is not duplicated anywhere else in the universe."
  • Your twin flame is your true "other half " - your divine spouse that the soul yearns to find. You and your twin flame stood before God and vowed to bring to earth a portion of God’s creativity and energy from the Spiritual realms into the world for serving others and for a unique purpose - your divine mission. Having met your vow and mastered outer conditions, your destiny is to return to Spiritual realms and reunite with God."
  • "So, the first children of God were created; half of which were filled with their father’s light and intelligence, while the other half possessed their mother’s heart. Yet, the seed of the positive male energy appeared, in the negative, and the seed of the negative female energy, in the positive. These are the twin flames – beings who must, in fact, join together to be complete and whole. They do not oppose, but are complementary, always fulfilling the Law of One: the Divine Whole. They unveil in flesh the faces of Alpha and Omega. You have, no doubt, heard them referred to by many names; Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Twin Souls, Split-Aparts, Divine Lovers, True Lovers, etc."
  • "The twin flame soulmate relationship encompasses all these aspects of relationship, with the added intensity and challenge of massive opportunities for spiritual expansion. This type of union is also very rare. The twin flame soulmate will mirror all your shadows, insecurities and fears so you can acknowledge and overcome them. It has the potential to enable unprecedented growth during a lifetime. And- if you’re not prepared, it will be unbearably painful and difficult. As it happens, most of us cannot sustain this type of spiritual partnership for various reasons, and as a result a twin flame soulmate meeting (and parting) will often serve as a wake-up call of sorts, to spur us on our individual paths of growth and service. However, if both people are “evolved” enough to remain in the twin flame soulmate relationship, it will unleash both partners’ unlimited potential for raising love and consciousness in the world and they will consequently be led to fulfill their complementary soul purposes for this lifetime together."


  • In L. J. Smith novels, it's been shown that even though characters' have found their ultimate soulmates, they can be capable of loving other people other than their soulmate. However, even if this happens, they will never be completely happy without their other half or soulmate. This is shown in The Secret Circle, with Adam, Cassie and Diana and Adam, Cassie, and Nick. Also in The Vampire Diaries, with Elena, Stefan and Damon.
  • Soulmates sometimes don't always end up together. Some times they separate for many different reasons, including spiritual evolvement, personal growth, divine timing, and many other obstacles.
  • Soulmates can also be called twin souls, twin flames, twin rays, essence twins, divine compliments, spirit partner, divine lovers, split aparts, twin mate, etc.
  • The Soulmate Principle concept is the equivalent to the New Age or Western legend known as the Twin Flames, Soul Mates, or Twin Souls concept.
    • Other names for the Soul Mate Principle include Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Twin Rays, Twin Vibrations,Twin Essence, Twin Spirit, Soul Mates, Divine Complements, One and Only, "The One", One TRUE Soulmate, One True Love, Split Aparts, Essence Twins, One True Beloved, Eternal Beloved, Kindrid Spirits, Other Half, Original Halves, The Ultimate Soulmate, Ultimate Mirror Spirit, Divine Counterpart, Souls Eternal Mate, Immortal Beloved, Beloved Eternal Mate, etc.
  • The Soulmate Principle is equivalent to the Asian myth called the Red String Of Fate.
  • The Soulmate Principle is the equvalentt to the Jewish myth or term called "Bashert".
  • The Soulmate Principle only exists between two individual people and there is only ONE person in the entire Universe whom you are linked to with a silver cord, meaning you only have ONE soulmate in the entire Universe. However, there have been very rare cases when the Soulmate Principle existed between one and two other people. But again, this is very rare.
    • An example of this is Sarah Strange, whom she shares a silver cord link to Kierlan Drache and another unknown character in Night World.
  • The soulmates are rare in most romantic relationships, because most are attracted to emotionally and physically (after a time they met), but soul mates fall in love at first sight (regardless of appearance, or if it is the same gender (male/male, female/female).
  • The 'silver cord' theory is also similar to that of the Chinese myth of the Red String of Fate, which is a red cord tying two destined soulmates together by their pinkies.
  • The experience(s) between the twin flames can not be described or expressed to other beings. In some novels, and mythology, the experience(s) is called the "Ultimate Illusion" or "The Perfection".
  • Sometimes referred to as our "twin soul" or "twin flame", your Divine Complement represents that one person in the world to whom you are most connected soul-to-soul and spirit-to-spirit. As your ultimate complementary partner--your perfect match-- they hold inborn potentials that match and complement your own and hold the key to your spiritual evolution. You may or may not join them in this life depending on your karmic plan. But if you do, you are meant to bond and honor the profound spiritual connection, even if your personalities don't match your ideals of the perfect mate.
  • The love between twin flames cannot be described in the language of Earth. It is an absolute state of unconditional love, and beyond the capability of any being whilst incarnated, to envisage or experience this incredible level of love in its fullest capacity. After incarnating here for an extensive period it is sometimes hard to conceive of that magnitude of love. There is absolute love present. As well as this, imagine a situation where you know and understand a person so completely, that there is nothing they could say or do that would ever upset you. This is because you clearly see the infinite path that has led you both to this point.
  • Twin Flame soul mates are soul mates that are exactly like you. Your twin flame soulmate is your closest soul extension and can be a very powerful, deeply loving and fulfilling relationship. However, if you don't love your self then you will not have a compatible relationship with your twin flame. They will mirror every negative program, emotion, feeling and belief you have.....these relationships can be very trying if you have not cleared your negative programs and stepped into self love, respect and compassion for the self.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The "Guardian's Bond" which exists between Elena and Damon in The Hunters and The Salvation trilogies is NOT the same as The Soulmate Principle. In fact, The Soulmate Principle and the Guardian's Bond serve complete opposite purposes. The Soulmate Principle exists between true destined soul mates before their birth. The Guardian's Bond is implemented by a Principal Guardian and does not exist before the two individual's birth. The Guardian Bond exists between an Earth Guardia and a corruptible individual. A Principal Guardian links an Earth Guardian to an individual (often, it is someone who is threatened by the dark forces or evil). While The Soulmate Principle is considered to be a blessing and a gift, the Guardian's Bond is a curse which exists between an Earth Guardian and a corruptible individual. The Principal Guardian will link an Earth Guardian to the corrupted individual to make sure that the person does not succumb to darkness. In the books, this is the case for Elena and Damon. Elena, an Earth Guardian, is meant to stop or destroy dark forces or forces of evil. Damon, who is a highly corruptible vampire that has killed many innocents and is easily influenced by darkness, is the individual to whom Elena is linked to in order to prevent him from killing innocent people and succumbing to the darkness that has always been inside of him. The Guardian's Bond is a curse because if the corruptible individual kills innocents, harms them or performs any kind of evil act, the Guardian Bond will kill the Earth Guardian. So, if Damon kills innocent people, the bond will cause Elena to die. The Guardian Bond will also kill Damon if he does not stop killing or harming others after he does the first time. This is how the Guardian's Bond differs significantly from The Soulmate Principle and the two serve completely different purposes. Two people who are linked by the Guardian Bond are able to sense each other's emotions; it is more powerful when the bond is first implemented. Eventually, as years pass, the power or strength of the Guardian Bond will die down and will not be as intense.
    • Also, The Soulmate Principle only occurs or is seen when one or both people who are linked by a silver cord, are in their higher or spiritual selves. Meaning that in order for the two soul mates to be able to see the cord linking their souls, they would have to have fallen into a lucid dream and have an out of body experience, like what happened to Elena in Shadow Souls.