Shinichi is a magical fox spirit called a "Kitsune" from Japan. At first, he appeared as a dark and mysterious person, who offered partnership to Damon to destroy Fell's Church. With the help of Damon, Stefan is lured away from the town with the promise of becoming a vampire again. Shinichi and his twin sister, Masao, used terrible tentacled creatres called Malach to to make Damon one of his pawns. The malach entered his body and took him over from the inside, corrupting his body and his soul, bringing him under Shinichi's will. Shinichi made Damon torture Elena and kidnap her to be under Damon's care, while he and Misao spread the malach like a virus among the citizens of Fell's Church.

Physical appearanceEdit

In his human form, Shinichi looks like a young Asian boy with pitch black hair, red all round the tips and golden eyes. In his real fox form, he has more than six tails and black and red fur.


HIs personality is twisted and evil.