The Salvatore Family is the oldest known family in The Vampire Diaries book series. The family is of aristocratic and noble blood. It is possible that the Salvatore family could be descended from royalty, although nothing is confirmed. The most notable members of the Salvatore family include Giuseppe Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, and Stefan Salvatore. Damon and Stefan are the known last living members of the Salvatore family.

Members Edit

  • Alessandro Salvatore (†): Alessandro was the oldest known member of the Salvatore family. He is the husband of Colombina Salvatore. They had six children together, Vittorio, Carlo, Enrichetta, Franceso, Agapito, and Anastasio Salvatore.
  • Colombina Salvatore (†):
  • Vittorio Salvatore (†):
  • Carlo Salvatore I (†):
  • Enrichetta Salvatore (†):
  • Francesco Salvatore I (†):
  • Agapito Salvatore (†):
  • Anastasio Salvatore (†):
  • Camillo Salvatore (†):
  • Carlo Salvatore II (†):
  • Paolino Salvatore (†):
  • Francesco Salvatore II (†):
  • Vincenzo Salvatore I (†):
  • Adalberto Salvatore (†):
  • Carlo Salvatore II (†):
  • Bernardino Salvatore (†):
  • Guglielmo Salvatore I (†):
  • Vincenzo Salvatore II (†):
  • Francesco Salvatore III (†):
  • Jovanni Salvatore (†):
  • Carlo Salvatore III (†):

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