Isobel Saitou is girlfriend of Jim Bryce. Bonnie McCullough described her as smart, nice, and quiet or shy. She is of Japanese ancestry, and her grandmother knows about kitsunes (foxes). Isobel has a "jumpy heart". Jim Bryce sometimes calls her "Isa-chan".

She first appeared in The Return: Nightfall.

The Return: NightfallEdit

After Caroline visits her, Isobel is possessed by malach and she pierced her lip, nose, eyebrow, and ears. She damages the nerves in the eyebrow area, and it causes Bonnie to vomit. Bonnie described her aura as shattered orange with black lashings. Isobel punches Meredith in the stomach.

When Dr. Alpert arrives, it is necessary to render Isobel unconscious before she can be placed in Dr. Alpert's SUV to be taken to the hospital. Isobel later flees the car and runs through the woods with red eyes and nearly naked except for blood and mud. Isobel eventually ends up in the hospital with infections in all the piercings.

Template:The Vampire DiariesEdit

Template:IIsobel Saitou doesn't exist in the TV series. Instead of her, the show has Isobel Flemming, a vampire and Elena's birth mother. In the series she's one of the recurring characters, but in the book she's a minor character.