Gudren was the handmaiden of Katherine von Swartzschild.

Character HistoryEdit

At the young age of 15, Katherine became very ill and was presumed to die. Unbarring to watch her suffer, Gudren paid a desperate visit to Klaus and asked him to cure her. Although Katherine had no say in the matter, Klaus agreed to help by transforming her into a vampire.

After the feud between DamonKatherine, and Stefan, Gudren helped Katherine fake her own death.


  • In the TV series, Gudren’s character was replaced by Emily Bennett.
  • While Gudren was human in the books, Emily was a witch in the TV series.
  • Gudren helped Katherine fake her own death in the books, while Emily protected the vampires by imprisoning them inside of a tomb.
  • Gudren refers to Katherine as "mistress Katerina".