Earthly Guardians are guardians that reside and act on Earth assigned to protect it from demons, vampires, werewolves, Old Ones and and evil gods by the Celestial Court.

Earthly Guardians have Nature based powers that allow them to do a variety of supernatural things such as telekinesis, telepathy, physical inhancement and flight. Earthly Guardians are the only ones that seem to possess Wings Powers as the Celestial Guardians were frightened to see her Wings of Destruction and said they had never seen anything like them.

List of Earthly GuardiansEditEdit

Andres Montez: Andres was a Costa Rican Earthly Guardian a close friend of Elena's and helped her unlock her potential as a Principle Guardian. He was killed by Solomon in Salvation: Unseen.There're not many Earthly Guardians, there was only two, Elena Gilbert and Andres Montez.

Elena Gilbert: Elena Gilbert is the only remaining known Earthly Guardian alive. She is the most powerful and has killed four Old Ones with the power of her Principle Bloodline. Elena is also the creator of the Wings of Destruction Power which was created out of her suffering, love, jealousy and anger.